Ross Parker

Singer and Guitarist

Ross Parker is a gifted vocalist and guitarist based in the UK. Inspired by the great singers of the 20th century he is as comfortable fronting the Screaming Kicks Big Band as he is performing solo with just his voice and a Guitar. Ross can be hired for your functions or events using the contact page below.




About Ross Parker

Singer and guitarist Ross Parker has a unique sound that has been experienced all over the world to places such as New Orleans, New York and Paris. When Ross Parker isn’t playing/ singing for his big band, Screaming Kicks Big Band, he is hard at work recording new songs and demos at his current place of study- The Joseph Wright Centre. Over the past seven years Ross has regularly attended a national renowned music academy called Hot House which has helped him refine his skills and allow him to become the great musician he is now. Ross Parker grew up with two main genres being constantly played around him. Blues and jazz. His grandfather was massively into the classic crooners and the jazz masters. However, his dad favours the blues legends such as B.B King, Jo Bonamassa and Mark Knopfler. From a early age his dad encouraged him to take interest in music and eventually pick up a guitar. A moment which has let to a life long relationship. This is what has let to a out of the ordinary musical taste for the average teenager.  However his musical influence hasn’t come just from his Dads side. His Mum would constantly be heard singing big band classics such as Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day and Billie Holiday. This eventually led to him also using the most natural and beautiful sound instruments of all. The voice.